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Did you know that Longaniza and Chorizo are not the same thing? Find out how they differ

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

Longaniza versus Chorizo

Although there are similarities between Chorizo ​​and Longaniza, they are different products. Therefore, if you want to know how they differ, you are in the right place. We will tell you everything you need to know.


Important differences between Longaniza and Chorizo

Although chorizo ​​and longaniza are originally from Spanish and are usually made from pork, they have important differences in terms of their flavor and appearance:

The color

If you pay attention to the color of both sausages it will be very easy to differentiate them. To begin with, Chorizo ​​tends to have a more pinkish hue. Conversely, the Longaniza has a dark red or orange color. This difference is caused by the spices used in the preparation of each sausages. Chorizos have a higher content of red paprika.


Both sausages have an elongated shape, although the Chorizo ​​is usually wider and comes in smaller portions of around 20 cm in length. On the other hand, the Longaniza is usually thinner but at the same time much longer.

Chorizos are usually tied and divided into segments, while Longanizas are continuously cased and have no ties.

Principal ingredient

As we have mentioned before, both sausages are made from pork. However, mince meat is used to make the Chorizo while different portions from different pork parts are used to make the Longaniza.

Dishes in which they are used

As we have detailed at the beginning of the article, both sausages are from Spanish. Nevertheless, they are not made in the same way across all regions.

Additionally, in each country region, these sausages are used in particular dishes. For example, the Chorizo ​​is usually combined to a great extent with lentils and is also part of the "Fabada de Asturias". By contrast, in Argentina it is the main ingredient of the famous "Choripanes".

The longaniza is essential to make the "Gachamiga" and the "Longanizas with wine" in Spain. While in Chile this sausage is utilized in stews, soups, pasta, sandwiches and roasts.

In short, we can say that both the Longaniza, as well as the chorizo, are perfect to delight us with multiple dishes.

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